How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Preparing your home for sale is one of the biggest drags you may ever have to experience if you sell your home. Selling your home could become a nightmare because of all the changes you will need to make on both the exterior and interior. Whether you need to paint your home, purchase a new roof or change out the carpets, it can end up creating a financial disaster for you and your family. Luckily, the crew at in the heart of Jacksonville buys houses without you making any changes to your home. That’s right; we buy houses in any condition for cash! However, there are many individuals who are curious as to what kinds of upgrades and changes will need to take place in order to successfully sell their home to the housing market at a price they want; here are some:


  1. Setting the mood. Believe it or not, a home with soft lighting is more likely to sell than a house using harsh light bulbs. Plus, soft light bulbs are more flattering and it invokes a cozy atmosphere that makes people feel welcome in comparison to bright white light bulbs.
  2. dreamstime_xxl_31174920Wash the windows. Windows aren’t a feature you think about cleaning very often. However, if you’re selling your home, it’s recommended to wash both the inside and outside of each window. The crisper the view to the outside, the higher the sale potential.
  3. Mind all of the details. Although you may not think people will notice the small details, buyers will! If you have old and grungy power outlets, take the time to switch them out for new ones. Polish handles on drawers and use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get rid of scuffs and smudges on walls.
  4. Make it welcoming. This is an obvious one, but you’ll want your home to feel more welcome than it ever has. You have to make sure it has the curb appeal buyers look for in a home. If it’s not very welcoming, many potential buyers may ignore your home even though it has a lot of potential!
  5. Don’t forget to spruce up the side yard. Many homeowners forget about their yard alongside their home. Make sure you turn that dead space into something useable and rewarding, such as a kitchen garden or potting station.
  6. dreamstime_xxl_19230697Use creative colors. If your home has walls that are plain, you may want repaint them with creative colors. You don’t need to paint the entire room, though; we suggest painting adjacent rooms the same color. This will give your home a more open floor plan feeling.
  7. Update the furniture. Whether you buy brand new furniture or refinish what you already have, it’s important to have nice furniture in your home so future residents can picture what their prospective home will look like when fully furnished. Obviously, not many realtors are expecting you to go out and buy all new furniture but small things here and there may help boost your sales.
  8. Brighten up the trim. White trim is in. Brightening up the trim in each room of your home with a fresh coat of paint can help to brighten the dullest of rooms. Nobody tends to find wood-toned trim attractive anymore; repainting the trim with white to make your space appear brighter and bigger.
  9. Employ fresh scents. Although you should be careful with this one, it’s suggested to employ delicious scents throughout your home if you’re trying to sell. A homey feel is important when putting your home on the market. Scents, including vanilla, lavender and cinnamon tend to work well.
  10. Make your home look bigger than reality. Floor-length curtains will make a room appear bigger than it is by giving the illusion of higher ceilings. Small upgrades such as this can help out tremendously.
  11. Install a closet organization system. Create DIY shelves in  your closet with extra bins and hangers to organize clothes and belongings for an added impact.
  12. dreamstime_xxl_55874180Better your laundry room. A laundry room that has a folding surface, baskets for storage, bins and a designer element such as temporary wallpaper or a fun rug make doing the laundry more fun and it can help to make the space look more useable, or at least more exciting.
  13. Tidy up the garage. A garage should always have storage. If you haven’t already, install wall shelves or overhead bike hangers in order to make the garage more useable. Additionally, a workshop area with a bench is always wanted.
  14. Prepare for all of the snoopers. Let’s face it, many people who enter your home will be snooping around; make sure your keep drawers, medicine cabinets and your fridge clean and tidy. In other words, organize your home so that it would make Martha Stewart proud.
  15. Don’t knock Feng Shui. We’ve all heard of Feng Shui, but don’t knock it until you see it. Make sure you close the toilet lit, avoid putting the backs of furniture towards entryways and never place anchor pieces such as sofas against a window.


Obviously, there are many different things you’ll have to do to prepare your home to sell in a high-demand market. If you are tired of dealing with such instances, it’s time you call upon the best in the business,, in Jacksonville. Reach out to us online now because we buy houses and we’ll buy yours! Want to learn more about how we buy houses? We highly recommend you reach out to us for a free quote and read more about our services online here. Also, feel free to watch this informative video that explains our business in under a minute! Call us now? Pick up the phone and dial 904-574-5737. Get cash in your pocket now!

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