1. We Buy Soggy, Hurricane Soaked Homes

    When you buy a home, your first feeling is relief; you now have a place you can call home and you can consider yourself living the American dream. You go about your life for years; then one day, a hurricane hits; Hurricane Matthew to be exact. What are you to do? You can’t afford to reclaim your home as it once was because insurance won’t cover all of the damages, and now you’re left with wh…Read More

  2. Don’t Let Hurricane Matthew Keep Your House From Selling

    When selling your house has been on your mind, there’s nothing more to think about other than how much you can make off of the sale. Considering we buy houses from people who don’t want them, we’re here to help you get the most out of your house, when the time is right! But, what if you’ve been affected by hurricane Matthew? Rest assured, our team is able to assist you. Don’t Postpone th…Read More